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History of IrSN
The modern nephrology era started in Iran in mid 1960’s, when a number of internists trained in nephrology returned to the country from France, United Kingdom and United states. Dr. Abdol Hossein Samiee was the first U.S. trained Iranian nephrologist who had significant contribution to renal patient’s care and dialysis in our country. In 1961 Dr. Fazlollah Motazedi, Dr. Nouredin Hadavi, Dr. Sadegh Pirouz Azizi, Dr. Mehdi Ghavamian, Dr. Farhad Motamed and Dr. Abdol-Mohammad Rafat established an association, which founded the first Iranian Society of Nephrology (IrSN), with 10 members. The Society held monthly meetings, but due to the low number of members, it was not actually active till mid 1970’s. Between 1970 and 1978 other physicians such as Dr. Bijan Nikakhtar from Tehran university, Dr. Mehdi Khanmohammadi, Dr. Ipakchi, Dr. Fereidoon Alavi, Dr. Keyvan and Dr. Shahin were added to the group of Iranian nephrologists, which increased their number to 26. There after, IrSN became more active, holding monthly renal journal clubs and nephrology meetings. From the activities of the Society in those days, we can name a symposium on Renal Diseases held on February 1976. Till 1975 Dr. Nouredin Hadavi was the president of the Society. On 1976 Dr. Behrooz Broumand, the first Iranian American Board certified nephrologist, was elected as the IrSN president and Dr. Mansour Hashemi Rad, Dr. Iraj Amir-Lak and Dr. Mehdi Ghavamian as the members of the Board of Directors. The Society held the International Congress of Hypertension on October 1978, in which more than 500 delegates attended and nephrologists such as Dr. Mansour Hashemi Rad, Dr. Behrooz Broumand and Dr. Ahad J. Ghods as well as cardiologists and 3 international authorities took part as guest speakers. The Society continued to work till 1980, when the activity of all scientific societies stopped due to unstable social conditions caused by war.

In 1992 IrSN was re-established with well-defined programs and the main goal of elevating the standards of education, research and patient care in nephrology, according to the international standards. New bylaws were written by the founding members including Dr. Ahad J. Ghods, Dr. Ali Nobakht Haghighi, Dr. Mansour Hashemi Rad, Dr. Khosrow Rahbar and Dr. Hossein Nejhad Ghashti. The founding members, together with Dr. Seyed Mehdi Ghavamian, Dr. Fereydoon Proshani-Nia, and Dr. Khosrow Roustaiiyan, established the first Board of Directors. Dr. A.J Ghods was elected as the president of the Society and remained in this position for 3 consecutive bi-annual periods. He was the president of the 1st to 6th Iranian Congress of Nephrology, Dialysis and Transplantation, held every two years from 1990 to 2000. Dr. Behrooz Broumand was elected as the IrSN president on 2001 and continued to co-operate with the Society till 2006. He has held the 7th to 10th Iranian Congress of Nephrology, Dialysis and Transplantation and a joint meeting between IrSN and ERA-EDTA on April 2001. The 10th Nephrology congress was held in Urmiah on 2006 and the 11th congress in Tehran on Nov. 2007 by the new President of IrSN, Dr. Ezatollah Abdi. Dr. Ali Nobakht Haghighi has been the secretary and treasurer of the Society since 1992 till 2006.

At present the Society has 209 active members (nephrologists), 43 associate members (internists with nephrology interest) and 1 honorary member. The Society organizes bi-annual national nephrology congresses, in which distinguished Iranian and international guest speakers present the latest updates in nephrology. The International Society of Nephrology supports the attendance of 3 international guest speakers in these bi-annual congresses. The Iranian Society of Nephrology participates in all of the activities and meetings of COMGAN (Committee for Global Advance in Nephrology). The Society holds bimonthly meetings in different university hospitals, where the main nephrology topics are reviewed. Some of these meetings are held with co-operation of other specialists including endocrinologists, cardiologists and urologists. The Society also supports local nephrology meetings held in other cities of the country and the participation of it’s members in different international congresses of nephrology and transplantation.

The present Board of Directors includes:
President: Mohammadreza Ganji-M.D.- FACP
Past president: Ezatollah Abdi-M.D.- FACP 
Secretary: Mohsen Nafar
Treasure: Shokoufeh Savaj-M.D. 
Councilors: Shahrzad Ossareh-M.D., Shahnaz Atabak-M.D. Masoud Khosravi-M.D., Pedram Ahmadpoor-M.D.
Alternate Councilors: Ayoub Pezeshki-M.D., Hassan Argani-M.D. 
Auditor: Nakisa Hooman-M.D
Alternate Auditor: Farahnaz Dadras-M.D